YOU Did This!!

As I write this (one day post-U.S. election), there are still some races to be called, and congressional majorities still to be determined. But the predicted “red tsunami” is turning out to be a “pink trickle.” The “American experiment” of democracy continues, brought back (again) from the brink of autocracy. As I heard today spoken by several TV talking heads:

“Yesterday Americans voted for decency and democracy.”

And we did it with minimal interference or violence—despite predictions of both.

I also today heard a news show host (a Republican) say, “American voters had a choice between crazies and normal, and they picked normal.” But I especially love the way it was described by law professor (and the first female U.S. Attorney) Joyce Vance in her daily newsletter email:

Ultimately, it’s the voters who have the greatest ability to impose accountability on politicians who violate their trust.

And more . . . (my emphasis)

We did this. We lived through all of it together, found ways to help, supported each other, and we voted. We ignored the polls that told us we would lose and voted anyhow. No matter how this turns out, we fought for this country. Apparently, a lot of us still think it’s worth fighting for. That’s a good thing, because we’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us! But we’ve seen proof tonight that we can get there if we all work on it. We’re in this together.

I wholeheartedly agree: We did this. YOU did this—not only by voting, but also by your actions over the past several challenging years: doing acts of kindness and beauty, sending Light and saying prayers (especially to/for those attacking democracy, Humanity, and the planet), and doing what brings you joy, thus raising the positive energy around the globe. I truly believe it ALL contributed to a vote for “decency.”

But, as they say, it ain’t over yet. There are still problem “hotspots,” wrongs to be righted, wounds to be healed, and learning to be garnered. So I urge you to keep it up. Stay engaged. Foster Connection. Form or join a group and work together on a shared goal (whatever the goal may be—from book club to climate change). Interact with others in your community. Connect simply as human being to human being—completely disregarding ethnic, religious, political, or sexual identity/orientation differences.

I also strongly urge you to not fall prey to the continuing fear mongering, especially by the media, political pundits, and polls—they are NOT reliable sources. With 2022 election votes not yet all counted, they’re already predicting doom and gloom in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Instead, I urge you to rise above any fear by, you guessed it, doing acts of kindness and beauty, sending Light and saying prayers, doing what brings you joy, being engaged, and fostering Connection.

So no, it’s not over yet. But I remain optimistic about America and Humanity. I heard a TV pundit say, “Don’t bet against Americans.” And I say also, “Don’t bet against Humanity.”

We’re going to work this all out and live up to the motto “E Pluribus Unum”—out of many, one.


We’ll get there. It will just take some more time and effort on our part. But this is a GREAT start.

And YOU did it!

P.S. For mitigating fear (or worry, anger, and grief), I highly recommend doing Jin Shin Jyutsu pressure point “finger holds.” It’s easy and doesn’t require anything special—no deep meditation, particular body positions, or a certain amount of pressure. Do it while watching TV, in the car (not while driving!🤪), before going to sleep—whenever. I speak from experience that it works. It’s subtle and, depending on the depth of your issue, may take several minutes, hours, or even months. But it works.

Oh, and maybe you can do some “Happy” dancing! 😀😀😀😀

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