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About Nancy Edelstein

Writer, Artist, Life Coach.
Committed to furthering Humanity’s Path to Oneness,
and to co-creating a Light-based global New Paradigm.

Before I retired, I was an international award-winning technical/business writer and editor. But my dream was always to write fiction, specifically (blush!), erotica. I played with various plots in my mind but froze when it came to writing it all on paper, or typing into the computer. So, I never wrote anything.

In 2019, after my husband Steve and I moved to Arizona near Sedona, he saw an ad for a writing workshop and asked if I wanted to go. My knee-jerk reaction was “No.” I pictured a group in which I’d have to read aloud any “hot and spicy” scenes I managed to write, and I pictured my entire Being blushing.

But then, without a second thought, I said, “OK. Let’s go.” And that was my life-changing introduction to Mark David Gerson, author, and writing (and life) coach extraordinaire. It was at that workshop that I realized that rather than writing fiction, I was instead “called” to write a book on Oneness. I immediately rebelled: There are already a zillion books on Oneness. What could I possibly add to the discourse? Who am I to write this? And why me?? But Mark David, in his understated and always insightful wisdom asked, “Why not you?”

I then joined his six-week coaching group for writers. Mark David’s writing approach involves listening to and trusting your Muse (your own inner-knowing, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides). He teaches “Writing on the Muse Stream.” So I did that, and my Muse said, “Nope. Not a book. This is urgent. Get these messages out there. Now.” So the book evolved into an online blog—with me still being (as writing buddy Susan said) “dragged along, kicking and screaming” about the entire idea.

Thus, “Your Path to Oneness” blog website was born.  And, as Mark David jokingly referred to my process, I went “from porn to prophet.”

Throughout the blogs, I share some of my personal spiritual beliefs—and it’s really scary to put my personal beliefs “out there.” My spiritual belief system is eclectic, having evolved over 40+ years of ”cherry picking” what felt true to me from various books, “channelings,” articles, conversations, etc. So from being an excommunicated Roman Catholic because of divorce, I clawed my way up to my current spiritual “awareness” and belief system—which I hold deeply as part of my core and yet acknowledge that it’s still evolving. I’m by no means an “expert.” I’m not a minister, priest, rabbi, Imam, or any religious figure. I don’t even consistently meditate. I am by no means a Dalai Lama!

But my Muse wouldn’t let me NOT do this. And really, deep down, I’m called to make a difference, to make whatever contribution I can to the Light-based, global New Paradigm that I believe will, like a glorious Phoenix, rise out of the ashes of the current chaos.

So, onward! Let’s make this happen together.

Warm regards,

Nancy Edelstein
May 10, 2020

About This Website

Using Mark David Gerson’s guidance (from his book The Voice of the Muse) on writing a Vision Statement for a book (or a blog!) . . .

What do I hope you get or experience in reading my blogs?

  • New distinctions. A new way of looking at topics, issues, etc.
  • Self knowledge by answering for yourself (your Self) the questions I pose.
  • Information, tools, and inspiration to consciously and purposefully walk Your Path.
  • Information, tools, and inspiration to exercise the muscle of your own inner-knowing and discernment; and to begin to trust it more and more and more.
  • Inspiration and the courage to accept responsibility for Your Path, and your part in creating a global New Paradigm.
  • Encouragement to be in conversation with other readers, and maybe even work on a shared issue together.

What do I want you to experience of me?

  • That I’m a perfectly imperfect human being, and I don’t presume to have the answers (but maybe a lot of questions!).
  • That I’m trying to navigate my own Path.
  • That I’m committed to supporting you on the journey of Your Path.

What do I want you to experience of yourself in reading and working with these blogs?

“Yes, I want to do this. I can do this. I WILL do this.” Whether it’s answering my questions in your notebook, or taking on Climate Change or whatever your calling may be, or collaborating with others to support healthcare workers, or whatever.

Also, please note the following;

  • These blogs are not a detailed user guide about life (although I do include a “User Guide” of Tips and Hints for using this website). Rather, they’re meant to be guideposts and “scenic vistas” to explore as we each navigate our Path. I don’t believe there is just one path to Oneness. But there is a Path that works for you.
  • Check out some of the other website pages, now and maybe from time to time, because the website will no doubt evolve. However, know that I won’t change the content of a posted blog; if I see the need for some updating, I’ll write and post a new blog on the topic. (It would be fun if, as a result of your Comments and questions, a new blog is necessary!)
  • My writing style here is conversational and may even seem a bit flip or irreverent at times. But know that I take this work VERY seriously.

And lastly, you’ll notice that I capitalize certain words and phrases. The professional editor in me knows that “proper nouns “should be capitalized. But in writing these blogs, I don’t have my editor’s hat on. So I capitalize some words simply because I think they’re important: Path, Being, Humanity, etc. (And, horror of horrors, I also start some sentences here with “And”!) We used to call it “editorial preference.” To me, the whole point is communication, not the rules. I hope this doesn’t offend your editorial sensibilities.