For Inspiration

“The Man in the Arena” Quote. One of Teddy Roosevelt’s most famous quotes. And one of my absolute favorites.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation non-profit. “Imagine a world where we can succeed by being nice, where we all look out for each other, where we all pay it forward, and where kindness is the norm.” Become a RAKtivist!

Text from Dan Rather’s FaceBook page. A message of hope in these times of chaos from a veteran journalist who has seen it all.

5 Ways Small Actions Have Huge Power. Graphic/article on Yes! Magazine website. “Research shows the little things matter.” (“The Universe Talks) daily “Notes from the Universe” emails. Brief encouragement and inspirational messages (that are free!) “From the Universe” to you. Created by Mike Dooley, author and metaphysical teacher. (Scroll down to the bottom left of his Home page for the signup field. )

The Good Stuffweekly newsletter of good/fun/happy news from CNN that will make you smile or inspire you.


These are some writers/teachers/coaches I’ve come across whose work has been life-changing for me. Check them out.

Brene Brown. A university research professor, Brene has studied and talks/teaches/writes about courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Her work is groundbreaking. Watch her Ted Talks and read her books, especially “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

Mark David Gerson. This amazing writing and life coach has written 18 books (fiction and non-fiction), teaches workshops, leads coaching groups for writers, and does individual coaching. He is intuitively insightful. And an all around nice guy.

Well Being

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) Finger Holds. This is a pressure point healing modality. JSJ Finger Holds are a self-help “quickie” for a particular issue or for general calming (helps me go to sleep). I speak from personal experience: it works. And it’s easy—you can practice it anywhere, anytime—even just sitting watching TV. Some things I’ve read: right hand = present issues; left hand = past issues; hold the finger until you feel a pulse, or until the pulse goes away—or just listen to your own inner knowing.  Sometimes it can take awhile to work (like a couple of hours or even months). But I can attest that it works. If you can find a local practitioner for a full body session, I highly recommend it.
Nurse Advocates. Everyone needs an Advocate when they enter the healthcare. Anne Llewellyn is the voice behind Nurse Advocate. Anne is a long time critical care nurse and Brain cancer survivor. She uses her experiences to provide information people can use to navigate the complex healthcare system. Whether you are a patient, a caregiver or a healthcare professional you will find information you can use to navigate the complex healthcare system. Sign up to receive her blog every Tuesday.

Actions You Can Take

Black Owned Bookstores in the United States. A list you can use to support Black literature and businesses.

Check back soon for more! (And I’m open to post favorites you may have, subject to a determination of their relevance to this website. Contact me.)