Find One Last One

We’re on the homestretch. Just hours to go.

And with razor-thin margins, even ONE could make a difference. JUST ONE VOTE . . .

  • 1991: A Virginia state House seat was determined by 1 vote out of almost 13,000 cast.
  • 2016: A Vermont state Senate Democratic primary was determined by 1 vote out of more than 7,400 cast.
  • 2016: A Wyoming state House GOP primary was decided by just one vote, 583 to 582.
  • 2002: A Connecticut state House seat was determined by 1 vote out of more than 6,000 cast. 1

Just one vote.

So your assignment:

Find one last vote!!

  • Cast your vote if you haven’t already—and vote down ballot.
  • Email/text/call/do a Facebook post/tweet/whatever to urge family, friends, and neighbors to vote if they haven’t already. (Feel free to cut-and-paste any or all of this post’s content. “Just do it!”)
  • Participate in a local GOTV effort—make phone calls, canvas door-to-door (or volunteer to drive those who do).

For more information:

For local voting info: Go to and scroll down to your state to link to its election website.

For info about voting rights and reporting voter intimidation or harassment, see It’s “All Hands On Deck” Time.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. We need to be bold, think outside the box, step outside of our comfort zone—and take action. We now have only hours left to do so.



1 U.S. House Representative James Clyburn (tweet, November 6, 2022)

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