Maybe this is weird for an online blog, but it’s important to me. I’d like to express my deep gratitude to the many people (and critters) who have guided, supported, and contributed to me in so many ways along my path:

To my family. Siblings and their spouses: Bill and Mary Ellen, Grace and Marty, Kathy and Bob; niece Nicole and husband Dave, and my great niece Talia; niece Jillian (and Lupin and Sparky); and a whole bunch of cousins, especially Sue and Chris. You are the foundation out of which I sprang, and you continue to inspire me. And my stepson David, who also inspires me with his kindness (including adopting Humane Society critters who are “unadoptable” because of illness or deformity), and his infectious, snarky sense of humor.

To my friends. In Colorado: Outlander buddies Kara (my Marble Jar Friend), Kathleen, and Jan; Barb, Cal, Deanna, Oak, Laura W, Jackie, and Helen; and so many other women with whom I drank wine and laughed, did paper crafting and stained glass, shared meals and music at the Merc cafe, and so many other “commUNITY” happenings: Denise, Sandy, Mary Ellen, Kael, Beth, Colleen, Karen Z, Karen A, Nancy F, Wendy, Jeanne, Maureen, Lynnie, Jeri, and more. And let’s not forget the guys: Waldy, Vic, Mark Wish., Jim, Alex, and Dennis. Our real estate agents Barry “Bear” and Liz Friedlander who helped us find our Colorado home of 23 years, and then helped us on the path to our new home in Arizona. Finally, Bernice who suggested Cottonwood, AZ and thus changed the path of our lives.

In AZ: To Ace (actually Aislinn, named for the heroine in one of my favorite novels). Without her help, understanding, and being a fellow organizing perfectionist (with a bit of OCD thrown in), Steve and I would NEVER have unpacked, organized, and made a home out of our AZ house. Ace was our Arizona version of Colorado Laura W.—my deepest appreciation to them both for their help at each end of our move.

To my AZ writing buddies. Mark David Gerson, Susan, Mahabba, Jackie, Kimmy, and Katie who have given feedback and support with great care and humor. Love you guys!

To my little critters. Our rescue pups Tootsie and Sophie (both now departed), and currently our lively, loving Callie. And my beloved little cockatoo Sammy, my baby, whose passing on May 1st, 2020 (just shy of his 27th birth/“hatch” day), broke my heart. But in so doing, my heart broke open so I am able to “receive” what I couldn’t previously (thanks, MDG), which catapulted this blog into being.

And most importantly . . .

To Steve. My husband of 38 years. Even with us butting horns as the Aries Rams we are, and in addition to so many contributions and so much support you’ve provided, you have been—without realizing it—the conduit of many, many, MANY “messages from the Universe” that have greatly affected my Path. It has been quite a rollercoaster ride, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Love you!

Love and hugs to all of you.


This website is dedicated to all of the Lightworkers—the “Wayshowers,” the “Ground Crew”—who have worked so tirelessly for so many years (decades, lifetimes!), against all odds, to usher in a Light-based, global New Paradigm. We’re almost there! “Soon.” No, really. Hooray!!!!