Be a “Builder”

Holiday Greetings to you all—whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.

Since my last blog post in May, the national and global chaos has clearly continued. The pandemic continues to ebb and spike. The political strife continues to high simmer and sometimes boil over. We’re beset with “the sky is falling” predictions by ”expert” pundits about inflation, the president’s poll numbers, virus vagaries, future elections, the supply chain, and much more.

It feels to me like every time something happens that raises hope about light at the end of the tunnel, something else then happens to dash that hope. A warp-speed seesaw, a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions.

But I posit that that’s the situation as portrayed in the news (and you know how I feel about the corporate-owned, profit-driven news media!).

Contrary to what’s reported in the news, I believe there’s a lot of good, positive news you don’t hear much about—acts of kindness and beauty, caring and compassion, courage and perseverance.

For example, last night, hearing tenor Andrea Bocelli attain that stunningly high note in Oh Holy Night (on ”In Performance at the White House—Spirit of the Season”), I was moved on a soul level by the heights of beauty, creativity, and soaring aspirations that Humanity strives for, and so often reaches. And this, despite our everyday challenges, like Bocelli’s blindness from an accident at age 12.

And last weekend, I happened to tune in to the annual CNN Heroes broadcast. Hearing the stories about the lives and deeds of these heroes/heroines brought tears to my eyes: ordinary people doing truly extraordinary things to help other people and the planet. They saw a need—sometimes through personal loss or suffering—and answered it. (I highly recommend you google it and watch or read about this year’s award recipients.)

I was struck by a term one of the recipients used in their acceptance speech: “peace builder.” And it got me thinking that each of us has the opportunity to be a “builder” for an issue/cause/problem we see around us that calls to our heart. I’ve referred to it as your “domain of interest.”

So as a holiday gift you can give to Humanity (or as a New Year’s goal), I urge you to take action (or more action) in your domain of interest—even if it’s just making a greater-than-usual monetary donation.

But more than “Put your money where your mouth is,” how about ”Actions speak louder than words [or money].” So ideally, do some actions—however large or small—where your heart is called.

At the very least, I urge you to send Light (or say prayers or whatever) to/for Humanity, especially those who are currently choosing a Path of intolerance, hatred, disruption, corruption, and even violence. I know it may not be easy to do, but I suggest you feel Compassion for them—they’ve chosen a particularly challenging spiritual path. A path that can be soul-wounding to traverse, and hard-as-hell to reverse.

Lastly, I urge you to do an act of kindness or beauty for yourself and your Self, and (for Self and others) commit to practicing Forgiveness and Compassion in the new year.

Maybe adopt a habit I read about and now do: at any given moment during the day, look around you and make a mental note of what you feel Gratitude for. It can be something really meaningful or really mundane. For example, I feel Gratitude for having a lifter/recliner chair that was so critical in my post-hip-replacement recovery this past summer and, especially, for Steve who came up with the idea, and then researched and found one nearby to purchase.

I also feel Gratitude and great respect for each and every one of you. For your perseverance and courage in the face of Humanity’s current challenges and your own personal challenges—whatever they may be, large and small. (Please don’t undervalue your fortitude in these challenging times. You’re surviving. And right now, that takes a lot!)

I also acknowledge each of you for what you already contribute to Humanity and the planet.

But in this holiday season, and still in the light of the Winter Solstice—a celebration of the sun’s rebirth—I suggest, starting right this moment, that you:

Look for light in the darkness.

BE the Light in the darkness.

Each of you is a beacon of Light in the world. Let your Light shine this holiday season and throughout the new year.

And remember the ultimate key to Oneness:

practicing unconditional love, that is, accepting each other and our Selves as we are, and respecting each other’s Path.

Love and hugs to you all,


P.S. For almost the first time in my adult life (long story), I put up outdoor holiday lights this year in our typical Arizona gravel front yard, including a lighted wreath necklace around our metal howling coyote sculpture. (And Steve provided critical help.) So for your viewing pleasure . . . (To see an enlarged version of each of these three photos, click on it.)

And the following is the paper mosaic holiday card I made this year. I include it here as a virtual card to those of you I don’t have an address for:

And the inside greeting:

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the New Year!

BTW—One of my current projects is to self-publish an ebook and paperback book of these blog posts. (It’s a challenging, multifaceted undertaking.) In the meantime, please consider sharing this blog website with someone you know (your inner-knowing will inspire you about who). Thanks!

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  1. Beautiful, Nancy. Merry Christmas! K and V

    On Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 1:21 AM Your Path to Oneness wrote:

    > Nancy E posted: ” Holiday Greetings to you all—whatever holiday you > celebrate this time of year.Since my last blog post in May, the national > and global chaos has clearly continued. The pandemic continues to ebb and > spike. The political strife continues to high simmer and ” >


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