Endings . . . AND Beginnings

Wow, it’s just shy of a year and three weeks since my first blog post here. This is, in fact, my 40th post. You may remember some of my stated goals: . . . to inspire you to self knowledge, to listen to your own inner-knowing, and to accept responsibility for your Path and your part in creating a global New Paradigm.

Over all these posts, my goals have evolved to also include inspiring you to listen for “messages from the Universe” or whisperings from the Holy Spirit; undertake various “practices”; identify your contribution (your Calling), and take any action you can take (large or small) to DO your Calling; appreciate the “little things”; speak the “unspoken”; explore the “guideposts”; and to rise above and counteract the negative energy of all the chaos and drama with positive acts and energy.

In addition to doing acts of kindness and beauty, I now suggest another way of infusing positive energy into the chaos: follow your joy. Everyday, do some of what brings you happiness, a sense of peace and well-being. Do what creates passion within you, what generates inspiration and excitement. Doing this generates waves of positive energy that then ripple out into the reality, adding to the ever-increasing tsunami of positive energy.

But I reiterate what I’ve said many times: I believe the need to do all of this is urgent. I believe Humanity is at a monumental turning point. The opportunities are sky high for soul wound healing and soul learning, and for creating a global New Paradigm. This is summed up by lines from one of my favorite songs, Our Time (see P.S. below):

We’re standing on the threshold of the future.
Yesterday is done. “Someday” just began.
This is where we [begin] being all we can.
It’s up to us.
Me and you, me and you, me and you . . .

The future starts NOW.

Endings and Beginnings
In writing that last post about unconditional love, I realized that all my posts leading up to it had been laying the groundwork for that one “ultimate key.” I wasn’t surprised when my Muse inspired me to write the word “culmination” in the homework intro.

If it sounds like I’m bringing this blog to a close, sadly, I am. It’s time. I feel like I’ve said all I was meant to say to you.

And apparently, according to the numbers (you know how I love numbers!), it’s the right time to declare completion: adding up the total number of days since my first post up to that last post about unconditional love reduces to “9.” Likewise, for this 40th post—same math, same number 9. The number 9 indicates the end of a cycle and, thus, the start of a new cycle. And the number “4” (40th post) represents “foundation.” Maybe we can consider these 40 posts as part of the foundation for our future.

So perfect timing to move on to what’s next . . .

New offerings?
But I’m not leaving you high and dry. I’m kicking around some outreach ideas. So keep an eye out for email notifications.

In the meantime
I suggest you routinely peruse the complete list of my blog posts on the Home page, and see which topics pique your interest. Which ones cause your gut to twist a bit, or tug at your heart. Call on your inner-knowing to guide you. I urge you to re-read those posts and do the homework. Even if you already did it, you’re a different person now than you were then.

Lastly . . .
I humbly thank you for reading my Muse-ings, and for your kind and insightful comments. It has been an interesting journey of healing and learning for me, and I hope for you, too. I am deeply grateful that you allowed me to walk this part of the Path with you. But it’s not over . . .

I leave you with one thought, the “ultimate key” to the Path to Oneness:

We need to live and be Oneness, accepting each other and our Selves as we are, and practicing unconditional love towards each other and our Selves.

And one last assignment (with thanks to my sister and to my friend for the idea):

While meditating, or as you fall asleep at night, or as you sit outside and daydream looking at puffy white clouds drifting by in the sky, listening to birdsong . . .

Visualize—repeatedly and in detail—the better future you desire for Humanity, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel for having personally contributed to it:

A world of peace and caring, tolerance and respect, acceptance and equality, abundance and sustainability, compassion and forgiveness, justice and accountability, and stewardship of the natural world.

A world that works for EVERYONE.

Love and hugs to you all,


P.S. “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” NOT!!
Things ARE changing for the better. For example, the 2020 BLM protests have resulted in more than 29 states passing a variety of police reform laws. This didn’t happen easily. It took A LOT of effort. But it DID happen, and fairly quickly—because everyday people demanded it. And with a “tsunami of positive energy” generated by us, more change can happen sooner rather than later.

P.P.S. My gift to you . . .
Yes, sometimes I get disheartened. That’s why I have an “Inspiration” playlist on my phone that I listen to when I need, well, inspiration. So my gift to you is youtube links to four of my inspiration songs. (You may have to click “Skip ads.”) Not all the lyrics are applicable, so pick and choose, or add your own.

This Is It by Kenny Loggins.
This was originally written to inspire his father to fight a cancer diagnosis, but I change the line “It’s not up to me this time” to “It’s ALL up to me this time.” (No video here, so just close your eyes and listen.)

Our Time by Stephen Sondheim.
(From the Broadway musical “Merrily We Roll Along.”) In 1957, three friends stand on their rooftop watching Sputnik go by and they realize that now, for them, ANYTHING is possible. (Again, no video; just close your eyes and listen.)

Happy by Pharrell Williams.
I dare you to NOT dance (or at the very least smile) when you watch this music video! Chair dancing is acceptable and encouraged.

And, of course,
Seasons of Love by Jonathan Larson.
(From the Broadway play “Rent.”) Sung at the death of one of the characters, it’s actually a celebration of life. (Link is to my favorite version—a college “flash mob.”)

So CELEBRATE! And follow your joy. AND get to work creating a global New Paradigm!

But remember the words of Ruth Bader Ginsberg whose life’s work resulted in monumental strides in gender equality:

Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.

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    1. You’re welcome, G. And I’ve been known to sing along with my Inspiration playlist out loud in the car! Really gets the inspiration going!


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