Change: Cost/Benefit Analysis Example

The following is an example I did of the “Change Analysis” exercise described in my post entitled “Having Change Work for You (vs. against you)”:

Change: extended stay-at-home during long fall/winter months.

Costs: can’t enjoy going out to restaurants, movies, etc.; can’t meet friends for coffee, lunch, or dinner; can’t go shopping or even window shopping; can’t do my own food shopping and, e.g., pick out my preferred fruits and veggies, or see new items to try, or select my own meat and poultry choices; can’t entertain in our lovely new house; can’t pick up where we left off making new friends since moving to AZ a year ago.

Benefits: Less distraction and more time for “peace and quiet” and reflection; more time to do personal and home projects; more time (and incentive) for self-care; more time to be creative.

Remediation: I can (finally) organize and label all my craft materials, and set up my craft and desk area for optimal (and fun) use; unpack the last few moving boxes still sitting in the garage; binge/re-watch some of my favorites like Downton Abbey and The Last Kingdom; be creative about staying in connection with family and friends—even more than “before”; (finally) reorganize our paper files; delete some of my 9,000+ Inbox emails (no, I’m not good at keeping on top of that!); purge my books (hardcopies and kindle); watch YouTube videos and do research to learn how to do various techniques with some of my very cool crafting materials and tools; start a new hobby—I’ve been wanting to do Zentangles using a book my sister-in-law gave me; sit around our new fire pit in the backyard on chilly nights—and gaze at the flames or up at the stars; go sit in the sun (and bring a picnic lunch) with Steve (and pup Callie) on a bench by one of three “lagoons” in the nearby State Park; explore doing Zoom Happy Hour and dinner parties with friends and family; write that book I’ve always wanted to write; get out one of those needle crafting kits I bought ages ago—and do it; take scenic drives and explore our new state of AZ—even the Grand Canyon could be a day trip; sit on our newly re-worked patio and “second patio” in the warm AZ desert sun; organize the Master bedroom linen closet; purge/organize the Master bedroom walk-in closet; and more!!