Broken Hearts—Open Hearts

I’ve been in denial about all the lives lost due to COVID. It now surpasses 400,000 Americans, and over 2,000,000 people worldwide. So many beloved spouses and partners, grandparents, parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, and coworkers that are just . . . gone. So many who died alone, surrounded and comforted not by loved ones, but by healthcare workers who risked their lives to provide care and comfort. All too much for me to wrap my head and heart around.

But watching the “Nationwide COVID-19 Memorial” on TV just now, with tears streaming down my face listening to a COVID nurse sing Amazing Grace, I finally got it. And I was heartbroken.

It made me think about how my heart broke on the loss of my beloved little cockatoo Sammy, my baby, who died on May 1st, 2020 (just shy of his 27th birth/“hatch” day). But that broken heart resulted in my heart breaking open so I was able to “receive” what I couldn’t previously, which catapulted this blog into being—with so much soul learning for me and, hopefully, for you. Out of a broken heart can come an open heart.

The COVID Memorial I just watched was described as “a national moment of unity and remembrance.” Even if you didn’t watch it, I ask you now to just take a moment to feel the grief at so many lives lost. But also to feel a sense of Unity, of Oneness as a nation and as Humanity. Feel in your heart, in your Being, a sense of “Connection” to Humanity and to the planet.

This has been a very difficult several years. So much has been revealed to be broken and needing to be fixed. So many soul wounds that need to be healed. So much suffering, upset, and heartbreak. But maybe that heartbreak can open our hearts and spur us to action.

I’ve urged you repeatedly to say prayers and call on Light to surround whoever and whatever. I’ve urged you repeatedly to “Pick a domain, any domain” and get to work on it. Now, as I write this on the eve of Inauguration Day and a fresh beginning, I ask again that you channel your grief, upset, anger, fear, uncertainty, doubt (and maybe Inauguration elation) into action.

Let’s fix what’s broken, and heal the wounds . . .

* Feel your upset and heartbreak and allow it to break open your heart to compassion, forgiveness, Oneness.

* Take action to fix what’s broken, and begin to heal what’s wounded in your Self, your country, Humanity, and the planet.

We CAN do this. We MUST do this. We WILL do this.


A photo of the “Nationwide COVID 19 Memorial” taken from my TV with 400 lights (each representing 1,000 dead Americans) shining in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool with Joe and Jill Biden, and Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff looking on. (Watch a replay of the Memorial here. Length: approx. 12 minutes. You may have to “skip ads” or pause and “rewind” to the beginning.)

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