Taking Responsibility

We continue to live in challenging times. But I don’t think the chaotic times “just” involve revealing and healing Humanity’s “wounds” as I’ve touched on previously. Rather, in addition, I think we’re each being called to shift personally in many ways but especially in one aspect: taking responsibility—of others and of self . . .

Other-responsibility: For most of you, there’s a “they” responsible for keeping your town running—a town government with various departments that oversee, for example, social services, road maintenance, town parks, public transportation, etc. There are also lots of organizations like Meals on Wheels and more to pick up the slack.

If you so choose, you can mostly sit back and even take for granted that “they” will take care of everything.

In contrast, for 23 years, Steve and I lived in a tiny old gold mining town (pop. 260, give or take) in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in which there is no “they.” Yes, there’s a volunteer Town Board and fire department/EMS, and a part time town clerk and water plant operator. But for pretty much everything, it depends on residents to see a need, step up, and form a team of other volunteers to implement whatever remediation, service, or care is needed.

If a resident is ill and/or home bound, somebody sets up a meal train. If the town park needs refurbishing, somebody organizes a volunteer group to do it. If somebody needs a ride down the canyon into nearby Boulder, they post on the online town bulletin board and several somebodies respond. There are even resident volunteers who plow the roads after snowstorms—not an easy task on mountain dirt roads and steep driveways. And in the event of an emergency, small-town feuds are set aside as everybody pitches in to help each other.

“We” all took responsibility for our town and fellow residents.

I think it’s time we all adopt this “We” approach on a local, national, and even global scale. The days of just voting and paying taxes, and then dusting your hands off from any further action are over. The days of just sitting in the comfort of your home and simply writing a check to your favorite charity or cause are over. The days of just marching in a protest or contacting your government representatives once-in-awhile are over. All of these are very worthy actions, and kudos to you for doing them and more. But our current chaotic times—and the opportunity they present—require even more. A lot more.

Self-responsibility: I read an interesting article that talked about how you own a car, you own your home, etc. But do you own your life? In a nutshell:

Since becoming self-responsible requires work, awareness and persistence, many people find it easier to close their eyes and stumble blindly through life. This form of avoidance can take the form of blaming others for our problems, ignoring or downplaying serious issues or waiting for someone to rescue us or something to happen that will make everything OK. 1

Rather than being swept along in a river current you think you can’t and don’t control, maybe instead you can be the CEO of your life. I believe we’re all being called right now to deepen our self-knowledge, to exercise our inner knowing muscle, to listen to “messages from the Universe,” and to act. I won’t get into a discussion here about “fate” vs. “creating your own reality” and the “Law of Attraction.” Let’s suffice it to say that we need to take conscious responsibility for our choices and actions. And then go even further . . .

The intersect between other- and self-responsibility: There’s a point where both types of responsibility come together: co-creating a new, better Path to Oneness for Humanity. As I so often write here, you have a particular contribution to make to this. But it’s up to you to take responsibility and identify what your unique contribution is. And then it’s up to you to choose to step out of your comfort zone to enact it.

So “homework” this week is pretty straightforward:

Rise above the chaos—and don’t get sucked into—the confusion and uncertainty, the fear and anger, the overwhelm and upset. (But if you live in the U.S., VOTE!)

Listen for messages from your inner knowing, intuition, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, God, the Universe, Animal Totems, whomever and whatever.

Do what you’re inspired to do, when you’re inspired to do it.

I know, you may be tired of my harping on these points. After months (years!) of national and global turmoil and uncertainty, we’re all pretty tired of everything. Maybe down-to-our-bones weary. Soul weary. But as I’ve said here many times: like never before in Humanity’s history, we’re being called to participate in the process of creating an entirely “new normal.” “We” can design a better Path that fixes all the things we see now that aren’t working in our current governments; institutions; healthcare, financial, legal, and educational systems; and on and on. It will probably be a process and take some time, but we CAN do it.

It’s possible that one or more national and/or global leaders might emerge to guide us in this endeavor. But it’s also up to each of us to provide our own leadership—make our own unique contribution—in our own particular domain of interest. And yes, this may be even more challenging with COVID. But that provides an opportunity for you (and your Muse/inner knowing/Higher Self) to be even more creative!

An entirely new Path: creating a Light- and peace-based global New Paradigm. What an awesome goal. Getting us there could be viewed as a burdensome task, or as a stunning opportunity. Regardless of how it’s viewed, it’s up to each of us to decide if we choose to step up, or not. There’s no judgement about whichever path you choose. But, Holy Mackeral, if you don’t step up and contribute, what a HUGE missed opportunity.

P.S. As I wrote this post, the tiny mountain town we used to live in was in the throes of a wildfire emergency and evacuation. Crisis averted for them (hopefully), but our hearts go out to our friends and to all the people affected by the fires in Colorado, California, and much of the western U.S. I ask that you say a prayer for them or send them healing energy.


1 The importance of self-responsibility online article by staff at Red Deer Advocate.

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