How We Can Honor “The Notorious RBG”

No doubt about it, we live in challenging times.

And now added to the many challenges is the loss of an awe-inspiring Human Being, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Whatever your political leanings, there’s no denying she was a powerhouse who fervently lived her beliefs. A petite woman, she brilliantly and courageously made an immense difference—against daunting odds and while enduring significant physical ailments.

Personally, on hearing the Breaking News announcement of her death, I immediately felt shock and deep sadness. And then I felt shaken to my core when I realized the ramifications amidst the current U.S. political chaos. And finally, when the “other tribe” announced plans to quickly fill the Supreme Court vacancy (despite their own precedent of no Court appointments during election season), I felt rage—with a mix of fear and hopelessness.

But then I remembered another news story from this past week: photos and video I saw of the “massive” turnout for early in-person voting in Virginia. People standing in a line the length of two football fields, knowing it would take hours to cast their vote. One man interviewed by the news reporter said, “If I got to stand here all day, I’m going to vote today.”

Seeing images of these people committed to helping shape the country’s future got me thinking. I remembered seeing news footage from the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s that documented peacefully protesting African Americans struggling to maintain their footing against the force of water from firehoses directed at them. Even now, their courage and determination bring tears to my eyes.

And then I thought of the epic global turnout for the Women’s March in January 2017, the large crowds of mostly peaceful protestors since George Floyd’s death on May 25th, and the various anti-government-corruption protestors—risking imprisonment and even death—in countries around the world now and over the past several years. All seeking justice as RBG did.

And I realized that THIS is the best of Humanity. THIS is who Humanity can be, who Humanity is. THIS is the Path we must design and make happen: a Path to justice, peace, equality, tolerance, and on and on.

By now you know my political persuasion. But rather than post a political rant here brimming with anger rooted in fear, instead I’m going to take a different Path, and I urge you to join me:

Let us all:

Grieve the loss and celebrate the contribution of an amazing Human Being, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Dear “Notorious RBG,” may you now, finally, Rest In Peace.

Rise above the anger and fear. Instead, focus on, and be inspired by, RBG as an example of courage, commitment, and perseverance. And be mindful of all the people (including you?) currently working so hard to create a better Path for Humanity.

Do something (ANYTHING!) that makes a difference to honor RBG’s life. Maybe join an effort to Get Out The Vote (GOTV), contribute to community in some way, or even “just” do a “random act of kindness or beauty.” And if you’re already doing these actions, do more.

So, “May you live in interesting times.” A blessing or a curse? I choose to see it as a blessing: we live in a time of breathtaking possibility. As the “old” crumbles around us, we have an enormous opportunity to purposefully and proactively design and create a better Path and future for ourselves, Humanity, and the planet.

After plummeting at the news of RBG’s death, now my belief in Humanity and our future is restored. Please join me. Let’s do this. Let’s honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life’s work by continuing the pursuit of justice and a better Path for Humanity. Even if it comes down to one small and challenging step at a time, one small or large action at a time, one prayer or intention at a time.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this particular tradition, but whether it’s true or not, it works for me!

    Another great blog post (of course!!). How are you doing?


    “Mark David Gerson is the best friend a writer ever had!”



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