Pick a Domain, Any Domain

I think you’ll agree that this is an extraordinary, unprecedented time. As I wrote in a previous post: “The other night, the [TV news] show host commented that we have a public health disaster, an economic disaster, a ‘rule of law disaster’ around the U.S. Attorney General’s actions, an absence of national leadership and, oh yeah, ongoing anti-racism protests and more police brutality.“ It’s painful to observe and experience. It’s upsetting, overwhelming, and scary.

But I still say, Holy Mackeral, what an opportunity: to heal the long suppressed and festering wounds (in our Selves, our countries, Humanity, and the planet) that are now being revealed.

This is an opportunity like NEVER before in the history of the world:

  • A unique opportunity to identify what currently doesn’t work (in our governments, economy, criminal justice system, workplaces, healthcare, education, the “safety net,” etc.).
  • The golden opportunity to begin to design a different future—a different Path—for ourselves, Humanity, and the planet.

I don’t know what that Path is. But I do NOT believe that governments or political leaders will make it happen. Otherwise they would have already done so. Nor will it be any of our well-meaning organizations, non-profits, etc.—although they are certainly contributing to solutions in their particular cause (domain).

Nope, it’s not going to happen within the current “system.” Rather, it’s up to us, and it’s going to take A LOT of us, contributing in a lot of different ways, to heal the wounds and co-create our future.

I think it’s no accident that you and I are alive right now. We’re here for a reason. And I believe part of that reason is to make our particular contribution to a shift into a new global paradigm.

Our contributions may be large or small. You may choose to be a Greta Thunberg leading a global movement, or not. If you’re retired, it may be related to what you did in your career, or not. If you’re still working, it may be related to your career/job, or not. Maybe it’s a new career direction you can start thinking about and begin researching and preparing for. Maybe it’s already a hobby or sideline.

But I bet your calling is something you’ve always wanted to do OR you’re already doing, and you’re good at it and you enjoy doing it. For example, one of my dear friends loves stationary and has, for many years, enjoyed sending notes and cards to family and friends. So maybe this is her “calling”: bringing a ray of sunshine to people. Sound too simple, easy, and “inconsequential” to be a calling? On the contrary, what a privilege and gift to spread Light and Love around.

It doesn’t have to be a burden, a drudgery, or a “serious” undertaking. It can be uplifting, fun, and personally rewarding (although it may sometimes be challenging like my writing Muse) AND also make a difference. It’s probably a confluence of your values, skills, and interests (remember we talked about them in my previous post “Oneness=‘Unity’”?). It may be for income or as a non-paid volunteer. (Although I urge you to be practical and circumspect—don’t just quit your job and run off to work with Doctors Without Borders if you have family responsibilities.)

What I‘m asking is that you listen to your inner knowing, and watch for “messages from the Universe” that I’ve spoken about. Listen for what you’re “called” to do. And begin to do it. So let’s start exploring. . . .

Consider these questions:
* What domain are you passionate about? This can be ANYTHING: healthcare, the arts and funding for the arts, education, the environment, animal stewardship, financial/banking, veterans affairs, civil rights, religion/spiritual, governing, the legal or prison system, workplace conditions, tolerance and equality, global peace, homelessness, food security, addiction, domestic/child abuse, the safety net, etc. ANYTHING!!!

* What in particular about that domain calls to you? If necessary, do some research about the domain until something calls out to you, maybe a sub-domain or a particular action—you’ll know it, you’ll feel it in your gut, in your heart.
* In that domain/sub-domain, considering your skills and experience, what action(s) can you take that could make a difference. You can start out small or large. Just start somewhere, anywhere.

Let your subconscious mull all of this over. Maybe write in your notebook and have a conversation with your Self—your inner knowing, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angel, or whoever. Heck, talk to God/Source if you have their phone number or email address!

Please know that I’m not writing these blogs just for fun (although it IS fun—even when I’m being led on a merry chase by my Muse!). Rather, I’m hoping to inspire you to self knowledge, to listen to your own inner knowing, to identify your contribution (your calling), and to take any action you can take (large or small) to DO your calling.

BTW—Note that it’s possible our callings expand or evolve over time as our global and personal situations evolve—that’s the message I’m getting about my own calling, although I’m not privy to what that expansion is yet. All the more reason to practice and refine listening to your inner knowing.

If you think you’re already doing your calling, acknowledge that that’s what it is—your calling vs. just something you’re doing. And kudos to you!

If not, please realize that with all of the suffering in the world, with all of the chaos, we can’t put this off any longer. The time is NOW, and it’s urgent!!!!

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