Ooops, more about “Blind Trust”

To subscribers who automatically get emails when I post a topic:

OK, so I “trusted” technology (and my own competence with it!) maybe too much in posting the trust post. I scheduled it for posting then had more realizations and revisions, and thought I had cancelled it in the schedule. But I hadn’t. Ooops. Sorry about that.

I made a few changes in the now official post that won’t be in your email version, so I suggest you read the post on the website instead of in your email.

While there were other revisions, the most important change was the discussion of “blind trust.” This is the official/revised text:

AND immediately before I was going to post this, I had YET ANOTHER thread come into my thoughts: what about “blind trust”? I wasn’t exactly sure what the concept meant or involved so I googled it and found:

“. . . the refusal to even consider any evidence or argument that one should not be so trusting, or that one should qualify one’s trust. This type of unconditional trust often betrays gullibility or one’s lack of self-conception or resolute values.”2

” . . . [putting] faith in someone without regard to demonstrated reliability or trustworthiness.”3

And some synonyms: fanatical devotion, misguided loyalty, questionable faith, leap of faith. And yet isn’t “blind trust” what we do regarding trust/belief in God/Source? I don’t have any answers here. What do you think?

(Citations are in the footnotes.)


I apologize for the confusion. 

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